About Us

Uu Dam (Udumbara) is a term from Sanskrit, which means “sacred flower descending to earth from heaven”. According to Buddhist scriptures, Udumbara are extremely rare, they only bloom once every three millennium. The blooming of Udumbara marks an appearance of a Buddha to the world. After thousands of years absorbing the essence of heaven and earth, Udumbara blossom quietly, a pure and precious signal of a prosperous new era. 

Inspired by that story, Uu Dam Vegan was built with a desire to spread this positive spirit. Uu Dam Vegan offers a cozy and quiet vibe, with exquisite, nutritious and healthy cuisine in a peaceful and relaxing environment for all our precious diners, their families and friends. We hope that Uu Dam Vegan helps our valuable customers lead a healthy life and find their inner peace.

Each and every dish and drink is the essence of Mother Nature, prepared from the heart by our dedicated and highly skilled chefs. All our diners are valued and cherished as an Udumbara in the Buddhist heart.